” A poem begins as a lump in the throat.”

Robert Frost


Never smother a voice;
for it is the song that comes
from another’s lips
that gets stuck in our head.


“What’s the worst feeling?”
”When you feel like you’re running
a marathon, but everyone else
simply sees
a 50 metre sprint.”


It’s the quietest
of voices that
need the chance to
speak into a microphone


“You brought it on yourself”
they said, so I shut
my mouth and swallowed
my complaints to make room
for theirs.

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Rocks in my throat
tumbling around in a
red tunnel –
raw and red and
syllables like feathers
fine and faint and barely there –
tickling the back of my throat,
rubbing flesh raw.


She carries words like knives
in the crevices of her spine
and acid in the hollows
of her stomach.

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I took a rock from a river –
the prettiest rock I’ve ever seen –
and you told me to throw it back in
the deep end.

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If Icarus’ wings were real,
would he not fly as high as he could
and be scorched anyway?


Me of yesterday is
ashamed of the me of tomorrow
because no one is as good as they were
or as bad as they will be.

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With each tick of
the doomsday clock
the earth’s anger grows louder
and it’s heart grows weaker.


I hate the lump that strangles
my throat
every time
my heart tries to beat.

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She is stuck in ice
while everyone else is lighting fires.
You cannot see the flames beneath her skin,
but they burn beneath the ice you fail
to see through.

Then Goodbye. Please just go away!!!!! I can't take anymore. Goodbye.


With every averted glance
and outstretched hand there lies
a black rose that ceases to grow.

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It comes with the snow.
The silent deadly perpetual cold that
leaves my toes numb and my fingers stiff.
I love the peace of winter months
but the snow takes away
pieces of the earth
when it melts.

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For every piece of gold
I polish you
tarnish five more.
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My heart is scared of
the things left unsaid;
the fractured bones
and the thoughts in my head.

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There’s too many paths
to choose just one,
and I have shoes too weak
to walk them all.